All Eagle brand Patio Doors are made for any layperson to be able to install with ease.

Comes complete with all the fixtures and fittings.

Step one :

Opening the package and check if all the screws/frames etc. are not missing

Step two:

Assemble the frame using the self tapping screws provided , assemble the frame and fix screws where required

Step three:

Using a level fit frame to the opening and level the frame using packing. Once level drill into frame and wall and fix the knock in nails to the wall.

Step four:

insert fix panel to the inside track to the required direction(either on the left hand side or vice versa)

Step five:

Fit the wheels provided and Insert sliding panel to the outside of the track ensuring wheels are on top of the track.

Test the the door to check if its level, if not adjust level accordingly or adjust the height of the wheels using a star screwdriver.

Step 6:

Attach lock hook to the frame using pop rivets provided and fix handle to the sliding panel.

Step 7

Clip in the covers for the sides and top of frame

Step 8

Insert rubber stopper onto the track

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